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A Little Bit About Me

I’ve been taking snapshots since I was a child - you know, the kid that always took the Christmas pictures, the birthday pictures, the dog pictures - that was me. I always took pictures - Brownie box camera, Kodac Instamatic, Nikon point&shoot. As I entered my career days ( technology, early adopter always! ) I kept shooting. But still on film, filling albums with snapshots.

Then came digital and that changed it I shot many more images, did workshops with Moose Peterson & Joe McNally, and was twice published in National Geographic. I taught myself to “post process” images with Lightroom & Photoshop and - Topaz, NIK, ON1, Smart Photo Editor. These tools allowed me to “play” with the pixels, dramatically changing what originally comes out of the camera. I could now convert to B&W, Sepia, add textures & backgrounds & other effects that would be impossible with the camera alone. And I loved it. I spend hours on each image. Sometimes I have a vague idea of what I want to end up with - but more often I just start working with the various tools trying one thing and another until I get something I’m happy with.

In 2015 I joined The Arcanum, an online mentoring program started by Trey Ratcliffe, and worked with Master Photographer Janice Sullivan for two years. I learned a tremendous amount and had the benefit of not only her knowledge and critiques but also interaction with other photographers worldwide. I’m still learning and “Playing with Pixels”.

In the past year as I continue to play I’ve discovered sites like VIDA and Zazzle where I’ve been making scarves, shirts, bags, mugs, plates all .post other softwarewithprocessingpixelsand pillows. It is terrifically exciting to see my images on physical products!

Find me on:





Currently shooting with:

Sony A7R3

Sony 90mm Macro lens

Sony 24-240 zoom lens

Sony 50mm lens

Sony 100-400 zoom lens

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Processing with:

Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom (iPhone & iPad)

Adobe Photoshop


Smart Photo Editor

Email: jerimearns@gmail.com

Phone: 415-786-7403

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